Evol8tion @ EmTech 2014

This past week at MIT Media Lab, a mixture of  gifted academics, start up hustlers, eager Venture Capitalists  and seasoned Fortune 500 executives converged on the world-renowned MIT EmTech Conference. It was a riveting, insightful and eye-opening look into some of the most interesting new technologies and pressing initiatives on the planet. Examined were a mix of topics such as The Internet of Things, Precision Medicine, and Sustainability in the Growing World.  We had the fortune to attend the conference this year and boy, was it a treat. For a Full List of the topics covered, please Visit Here.

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MediaPost Online Spin: Apples, Honey & Racism

Apples, honey and racism. Two of them go together. One does not.

Need a hint? I’ll give you another set of three words: football (soccer), social media and racism. Two of them go together. One does not. Can you guess which one?

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Appsessed: BreakFree


Let’s be honest—a lot of people these days are addicted to technology and, specifically, their phones. Our choice for this week’s appsessed is actually a bit ironic because we’ve chosen an app that helps you break that addiction—and it’s called BreakFree.

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You Are Cordially Invited…


We’re thrilled to be offering our Evol8tion friends VIP registration access for Unify 2014!

Hosted by one of our own database startups, OneSpot, Unify 2014 is a half-day event focused exclusively on the next major chapter of content marketing: building audiences, driving engagement and maximizing business results from content.

Click here to register early for the event, use the discount code evol8tion to receive 50% off your ticket price, and we’ll see you at The Standard!

NEA Design Studio Deadline

Calling all design startups/founders!

NEA is hosting NEA studio, a two-week informational session for design-focused startups. The program will run from November 10th-21st, and will include valuable lessons on team building, go-to-market-strategy, and fundraising. 

The deadline for application is September 30th, so act fast! Check out NEA’s website for more information, and click here to apply.

Startup Spotlight: Donde


Have you ever fallen in love with a dress in a magazine or on another person in the street, but you didn’t know how to go about finding it? Well, now you can find that dress with speed and ease by using the Donde app.

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#NYCStartsup Public Voting Starts Today!


#NYCSTARTSUP needs your help deciding which 3 startups will go on to pitch live on stage on at #NYCSTARTSUP on September 30!

Be sure to cast your vote here, and get tickets to the exciting event here. The finalists are:

Voting ends on Monday, September 22, at 2 p.m. so cast your vote before it’s too late. Follow 212 NYC and the New York Times for more information as September 30 draws nearer!

MediaPost Online Spin: Making Mistakes… On Purpose


Making Mistakes…On Purpose

I was keynoting at a Satmetrix (the Net Promoter People) customer experience conference last week in London — and over fish ‘n chips during lunch, I ended up chatting with one of my fellow keynoters, Ian Williams (@CustExpMan), about making mistakes.

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Did you miss last night’s Ad Think event featuring our CEO, Joseph Jaffe, as moderator? No problem! As always, the Evol8tion team is here to recap the event for you. Check out the startups that pitched last night below.

Be sure to follow us @Evol8tion for all the best startup news.

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Appsessed: LokLok


Do you like doodling, and wish there was a messaging app centered around it?

Then check out LokLok—a doodle-based messaging app that allows you to send your own masterpieces to your friends (as long as they have the app too).

Once you download LokLok, a whiteboard becomes your lock screen. All you need to do is double tap your screen and start drawing. Plus, your friends can make their own additions to your doodles once you’re done!

But what if you have a picture on your lock screen that you don’t want to change? No worries! Go into settings on LokLok, unselect it as your lock screen, and use it the way you’d use any other app.

And, in case you’re wondering, LokLok can do a lot more than simple doodling. You can post and draw on a picture, take and mess around with your own selfie, or just draw messages asking your friends to hang out in cool and unique ways.  You can even send your doodles in a text or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s no wrong way to use the app—so just get out those creative juices!

Unfortunately, the app is only available in Google Play right now, so Apple users will have to wait for their chance to play with this awesome messaging app.

So, Android users, test out the app with your friends and see what you think. But be warned—it’s pretty addictive.

Follow them: @loklokapp