Crystal Light and Novalia Partnership Announcement


Evol8tion is thrilled to announce the innovative collaboration between Kraft Foods' Crystal Light and UK-based conductive ink startup Novalia!

In sponsorship of Grammy Award-winning artist Miranda Lambert’s “Platinum” Tour, Crystal Light teamed up with Novalia to debut the U.S.’s first-ever “Playable Poster.” The poster will allow Lambert fans across 30 cities to physically “spin” her record, unlocking audio tracks from her new album.

Novalia was first found and matched with Crystal Light by the Evol8tion team — and we are so proud to be a part of this amazing partnership. 

Check out the official press release here, and be sure to grab your tickets for Miranda Lambert’s tour!



Last week Evol8tion had the opportunity to attend Wakefield Media's Education Uncubed, a 3-day event held at NYU School of Law with attendees ranging from students and universities to entrepreneurs and C-levels. The event focused on educating students and recent graduates on startup careers.

Discussions included stories from founders who may or may not have finished university, investors, and other entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, including education, food, and social good. Some CEO/Co-founder highlights included Amanda Hesser of Food52, Anil Dash of ThinkUp, and Nancy Lublin, founder of Dress for Success.

The conference, along with other Uncubed events held in cities across the nation, hopes to open a dialogue between universities and members of the startup community about preparing students for careers in fast-growing companies. It’s great to see so many universities, including Harvard, Columbia, RIT, and Ohio State, getting involved in a new type of education. 

Looking forward to the next generation of entrepreneurs!

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NewCo New York: October 1-2, 2014



Evol8tion is looking forward to October!

This fall, NewCo NY will allow executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers to venture into the offices of some of NYC’s most innovative companies — and Evol8tion will be one of them!

We can’t wait to be a part of this terrific event, and share our ideas with the most brilliant minds in NYC.

If you want to join us and host for New Co, don’t wait! The deadline to apply is July 29th.

See you there!

Appsessed: YO



The app that took a grand total of 8 hours to build is taking the world by storm — and we have to admit, we’re pretty appsessed.

Originally developed as a joke, Yo allows users to send the word “Yo” to their friends simply by tapping on their names — and since its release on April Fool’s Day, it’s become a startup Cinderella story.

Over the past few weeks, the app has rapidly raised $2.5M in funding and over 1 million users — and in the wake of its success, competitor apps have sprouted like weeds, including HeyTap and (if you’re feeling particularly nautical) Ahoy. 

Though the app’s purpose appears to be primarily social, Yo has proven an unlikely asset under a variety of circumstances — from notifying sports enthusiasts when World Cup goals were scored, to monitoring missile attacks in Israel.

So give it a download, and start Yo-ing today! 

Follow them: @JustYoApp

AdThink V: The Brightest in Ad/Tech Recap


Last night, the Evol8tion team hit the Microsoft building for AdThink V: The Brightest in Ad/Tech. The evening featured 3 star panelists and 4 excellent startup pitches from Jebbit, Grapevine Logic, Placed, and Splashscore. The evening was also moderated by Evol8tion’s own CEO, Joseph Jaffe!

Check out a clip of his introduction (and some of our photos from the evening), below!


We live in a time of instant gratification — from tweets to WiFi at 30,000 feet, from Amazon Prime to Snapchat. It’s all about real time and immediacy, where faster is better and better is faster.

Nothing is sacred in this agile age, even love.

Enter Tinder, the Uber of matchmaking. Now anyone can literally swipe left or right while sitting on the toilet in order to find their soul mate. It’s a Hallmark moment, all right.

In order to read up on Tinder, I just Googled it. Instead of doing real research, I just watched a great video of Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien masquerading on Tinder as Jenghis Roundstone and Chip Whitley respectively.

So I think I’m pretty much up to speed now.

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Apply for ad:tech Startup Spotlight Series New York 2014

Are you a startup in the advertising and technology space looking to connect with brand marketers? Apply for the ad:tech New York 2014 Startup Spotlight Series!

The ad:tech Startup Spotlight Series is a competition that acknowledges and rewards the most innovative and enterprising new companies in digital marketing today. If your startup does not fall within advertising technology, please pass along to any superstar ad tech companies that you know!

4 startups from the application pool will be chosen by each brand for a total of 16 entered into the finalist pitch competition. 

Finalists in the competition will receive free exhibit space (a $4,000 value) at ad:tech New York, November 5-6, 2014 at Javits Center, and a chance to pitch their business live to one of the four participating brands. 

Evol8tion will be helping to coach the finalists throughout the competition to put together presentations specifically catered toward the brand audience.

ad:tech New York 2014 has partnered with 4 of the world’s largest brands to give your advertising technology startup the opportunity to pitch to billions of dollars in brand marketing power.  Past brand judges have included Gap, Mastercard, and General Mills, among others.   
Applications accepted through Friday, July 25, 2014. Apply now!
Stay connected for more info with @adtech and @evol8tion.

Startup Spotlight: Listnr

 A very special Startup Spotlight congratulations to LISNR for closing 3.5M in funding! 

LISNR is a comprehensive mobile engagement platform that develops mobile solutions for content creators, enhances mobile engagement for advertisers, and allows users to interact with the media/live environment everywhere.

LISNR’s patent-pending technology unlocks an unsurpassed second screen experience tailored to the exact moment of engagement — and within the LISNR family, there exist a variety of products to fit client needs, including LISNR NGAGE (engagement for the live audience), LISNR NTUNE (engagement for all media), and LISNR NGINE (content ad recommendation engine.

LISNR’s ultimate goal is to activate sound everywhere, creating the ultimate companion second screen experience — and needless to say, they’re on their way. 

For more information, check out their website here. 

Follow them on Twitter: @lisnr

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MediaPost Online Spin: I Love Twitter’s Buy Button. I Hate Twitter’s Buy Button

 I Love Twitter’s Buy Button. I Hate Twitter’s Buy Button.

Re/code recently shared a few mockups of a rumored new Twitter “Buy now” button, which was apparently leaked by shopping app Fancy.

It’s not clear whether this was leaked on purpose, but it’s highly likely it was a mistake. What is a little clearer is that this in-tweet functionality would only come directly from Twitter, so in other words Fancy was in all likelihood a beta tester for this new service.

So what do I think of it? I love it and I hate it at the same time.

I hate it because at its core, it is diametrically opposed to the idea of people connecting with people; what I would call “non-media.” Twitter should not be considered to be a media platform — and yet, as a public company, it has no choice but to figure out how to “monetize” through interruptive and unimaginative paid media and now twee-commerce™ (I just trademarked it — not really).

How long before Twitter truly jumps the shark and becomes nothing more than a place to shriek (messages) and shill (products)?

Still, isn’t it time we take some responsibility and accountability for all the free sh….tuff out there, and demonstrate proven ROI?

Strategically, Twitter is undiluted social serendipity — and for this reason, it represents the ultimate impulse purchase platform. Especially when one-click-buying (or wait, that’s trademarked) is one tweet away.

If you’ve ever used the Fab, Fancy or Etsy app — or really any shopping app — you know it’s very hard to resist shopping trigger finger. It’s not hard at all to rack up a hefty basket size based on the ease of use, user experience and seamless checkout process.

Twitter isn’t necessarily that different, although it is a significantly less visual experience.

Surely then, the “Buy Now” button is the next iteration of a very powerful social platform maturing and mainstreaming into a formidable commerce engine. With a user’s verified profile and billing and shipping information securely stored (yeah, right), commerce should be as simple as age verification on Facebook.

With “Buy now” sparingly and respectively rolled out (a big assumption I know) matched to carefully curated commerce vendors, user experience can be protected, preserved and even enhanced. After all, anything that minimizes clicks will similarly maximize conversions by saving time, frustration and unnecessary steps.

And how long before we see “square-like” functionality, allowing JESS3 to monetize one of its infographics, or Bob Knorpp his podcasts?

Personally, I’d prefer things to stay as they are. I’m an idealist and purist who feels that the United Nations should acquire Twitter — not Google or Facebook.

That said, I wouldn’t mind the occasional exception to the norm — like, for example, the ability to purchase my book “Z.E.R.O.” directly from a tweet.

That last comment was a joke. Sort of.

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Appsessed: GoodMouth


Let’s be honest: we don’t all change our toothbrushes as often as we should. In fact, we’ll often use the same toothbrush for months on end —  unknowingly putting ourselves at risk for gum disease, heart disease, diabetes, and more. 

Meet Goodmouth: a subscription service that delivers fresh, high-quality toothbrushes straight to your door. Whether you prefer manual or electric brushes, they’ve got a brush for everyone — and when in doubt, their handy brush suggester can help you pick the perfect partner for your pearly whites. You can choose to receive your new toothbrush every month, every other month, or every 3 months — and rates start as low as $4.95 per delivery. 

Other perks include free shipping for your toothbrushes, and a donation of 2 brushes to someone in need per subscription.

So sign up, and give your teeth a little TLC. 

Follow them: @joingoodmouth