Technology Fueling Social Change

Before the age of widespread internet access and smart devices, social movements were solely driven by established organizations and politicians. Leaders needed these platforms to spread their message to the masses. All that has changed in the age of connectivity, evidenced by the rapid growth and virality of recent sociopolitical movements started with average people posting on social media.

Look Up

Can’t you feel the burn? The burn of my laser eyes which are screaming, melting through your phone to deliver my message: I’m 8 months pregnant, my feet are two hams stuffed in matchboxes, and I can smell every sketchy scent on this train car as if it was piped directly into my nostrils via gas mask.

The Snap IPO Effect on the LA Tech Ecosystem

We’re all waiting with baited breath for Snapchat's parent company, Snap, to file its initial public offering S-1. This highly anticipated IPO is going to have a massive impact on the company’s homebase of Los Angeles, and we’re not just talking about the real estate market. Many of Snap’s employees will become overnight millionaires, potentially stimulating LA tech.

Evol8tion's Take on CES 2017

This year we took a different approach to coverage. Instead of attempting to recap the entire mammoth event, several members of the Evol8tion team weighed in on the themes they found most resonating. These are our hot takes.

Startups and the Brand-Consumer Conversation

Speaking with a new team member this week, the topic of the “molecularization” of commerce came up. The theory, he said, is that as we continue down this path of peer-to-peer marketplaces, job hopping and entrepreneurialism (for good or bad), the value of a longtime career will erode to the point where even the idea of a single-job-career is anathema.