Startup Spotlight: Donde


Have you ever fallen in love with a dress in a magazine or on another person in the street, but you didn’t know how to go about finding it? Well, now you can find that dress with speed and ease by using the Donde app.

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#NYCStartsup Public Voting Starts Today!


#NYCSTARTSUP needs your help deciding which 3 startups will go on to pitch live on stage on at #NYCSTARTSUP on September 30!

Be sure to cast your vote here, and get tickets to the exciting event here. The finalists are:

Voting ends on Monday, September 22, at 2 p.m. so cast your vote before it’s too late. Follow 212 NYC and the New York Times for more information as September 30 draws nearer!

MediaPost Online Spin: Making Mistakes… On Purpose


Making Mistakes…On Purpose

I was keynoting at a Satmetrix (the Net Promoter People) customer experience conference last week in London — and over fish ‘n chips during lunch, I ended up chatting with one of my fellow keynoters, Ian Williams (@CustExpMan), about making mistakes.

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Did you miss last night’s Ad Think event featuring our CEO, Joseph Jaffe, as moderator? No problem! As always, the Evol8tion team is here to recap the event for you. Check out the startups that pitched last night below.

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Appsessed: LokLok


Do you like doodling, and wish there was a messaging app centered around it?

Then check out LokLok—a doodle-based messaging app that allows you to send your own masterpieces to your friends (as long as they have the app too).

Once you download LokLok, a whiteboard becomes your lock screen. All you need to do is double tap your screen and start drawing. Plus, your friends can make their own additions to your doodles once you’re done!

But what if you have a picture on your lock screen that you don’t want to change? No worries! Go into settings on LokLok, unselect it as your lock screen, and use it the way you’d use any other app.

And, in case you’re wondering, LokLok can do a lot more than simple doodling. You can post and draw on a picture, take and mess around with your own selfie, or just draw messages asking your friends to hang out in cool and unique ways.  You can even send your doodles in a text or share them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There’s no wrong way to use the app—so just get out those creative juices!

Unfortunately, the app is only available in Google Play right now, so Apple users will have to wait for their chance to play with this awesome messaging app.

So, Android users, test out the app with your friends and see what you think. But be warned—it’s pretty addictive.

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If you missed last night’s NY Tech Meetup, then you missed a doozy. Not only were there some amazing pitches from startups, but Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped by to announce some groundbreaking news—Minerva Tantoco has been named the first ever Chief Technology Officer of New York City!

We know it’s impossible to top this story, but you can check out some of our favorite startup pitches from the evening in our recap below.

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Startup Spotlight: Flipps

Have you ever watched a video on your smartphone or tablet and wanted to show your friends, but they all couldn’t see the screen or hear the video?  Fear not! Flipps has a solution.

Based in New York, the Flipps app makes it easy to project an online video from a mobile device to a big screen television. You don’t need a dongle, set top box, TV app or setup—just make sure your TV and mobile device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network and start Flipping!

Over 5,000 TV models and connected devices are supported, including Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung TVs and more.

Gone are the days of your friends huddling around you and your phone to watch that funny YouTube video. Whether you Flipp movies, music videos, news, or something else, send those videos from your phone or tablet to your TV screen and enjoy.

Plus, you can control playback straight from your mobile, so there’s no need to pick up that remote.

Check out more information about Flipps and how the app works here.

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MediaPost Online Spin: Earn The Bundle


Earn The Bundle

A month ago, Procter & Gamble announced it would be culling about 90 to 100 of its brands globally, in a restructure that would instead focus on the company’s top 70-80 brands.

On the surface, the move makes complete sense. After all, the remaining brands have accounted for 90% of sales and 95% of profit over the past three years.

So if I read that correctly (and the math is rather simple), we’re talking about 90-100 brands responsible for 10% of sales and only 5% of profit.

If that’s the case, one might ask what on earth the company was doing in the first place carrying so much dead weight relative to the remaining rock stars.

Or perhaps you were astounded by the tremendous lopsided contribution of sales and margin within the family of brands. You shouldn’t be, as your own customer base is probably not that radically different from this kind of 80/20 split. Certainly this is true within the B2B world — and although less so in the B2C space, I wonder what Zappos, Starbucks, or Coca-Cola would say when it comes to their power products.

But I digress.

So back to P&G and the announcement, which came from Chairman and CEO A.G. Lafley, who himself had returned to the company 14 months prior to steady a rather behemothic ship. Lafley had indicated disappointment with the company’s financial situation, and this move was a decisive step to get things back on track.

And yet, I didn’t interpret any strength in this move at all. To me, it was all about consolidating the status quo; the known versus unknown; the “safe bets” or sure things versus the wildcards or anomalies.

I would contend that there are no sure things or safe bets nowadays. Just look at the threat Dollar Shave Club presents to the incumbent, P&G’s Gillette brand.

My gut feeling is that P&G’s brand-cutting move will be followed by a tried and tested approach, including mass/paid media and reach-heavy digital or social plays like Facebook, and doubling down on massive global sponsorships like the Olympics, as opposed to riskier and less proven approaches on the innovation front.

In my previous startup boutique, I did some work with Panasonic. I recall how excited execs were about an SD card that could be interchanged and used in all their devices, from camcorders to cameras to HD TV’s to their Toughbook P.C. They believed that this interoperability (or compatibility) would be key to developing an unequivocal reason for consumers to choose every product within Panasonic’s portfolio.

I remember telling them to “earn the bundle,” not “command the bundle.” Instead of creating a walled garden or closed system, let people decide for themselves what to use, and based on your great functionality, service and experience, they would give you more of their hard-earned money and loyalty.

If you think about it, the walled garden didn’t even work for Apple. And thankfully so, when you look at how many iPods the company subsequently sold to PC users.

Nike “earned the bundle” with me. I started with the obvious pair of shoes and hodge-podged the rest of my outfit from every other brand. Today, my shoes, socks, , GPS watch, shirt, shorts, windbreaker, gloves and hat are all part of the earned “Just Do It” bundle.

Instead of cutting brands, why wouldn’t P&G have looked to invest in its existing suite, creating creative, lateral and bold pairings or partnerships, bundled around “reasons to behave” versus “reasons to believe.” Like P&G did with Potty Palooza during frigid Times Square days, with Duracell (charge your phones and cameras) and Charmin (go to the loo). Or what Charmin did with its Sit or Squat acquisition. Although truth be told, we still haven’t seen this live up to its potential — for example, a tour de force combination of Always, Pampers and Charmin owning the public restroom for entire families!

As the old saying goes: “If you’re digging yourself into a hole, the smart thing is to stop digging.” Personally, I would choose to earn the bundle from a much larger portfolio of everyday products, as opposed to commanding the bundle from a smaller set – which no doubt will be under even more financial scrutiny, competitive pressure and startup disintermediation in the future.

But that’s just me.

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Appsessed: Coffee


If today’s apps have told us anything, it’s that anything you need is just a swipe away.

Though Tinder’s purpose is relatively simple, it’s easy, swipe-based selection model has caught like wildfire — causing startup founders to build spinoffs including a Tinder for dogs, a Tinder for Instagram, a Tinder for fashion, and more (thankfully, this Tinder for kids is just a joke).

So for today’s Appsessed, we thought we’d throw another one into the mix and introduce Coffee: a Tinder-like app that helps you connect with experts in your professions of interest. Rather than focusing on romantic connections, Coffee aims to make professional connections — and makes the sometimes-uncomfortable process of networking mobile-optimized and painless.

Simply download the app, and Coffee will pull data from your LinkedIn or Facebook to show you professionals you might be interested in meeting. Swipe right or left to indicate interest (all answers are anonymous), and chat with motivated people in your space. 

Coffee has already helped users score jobs and forge valuable connections — so give it a download, and swipe your way to a new career. 

Follow them: @coffeetheapp


Do you have a brand new ad tech solution that disrupts the media & marketing landscape? Have you designed a game changing mobile application or website that is perfect for a brand partnership? Apply for the opportunity to pitch your startup to an audience of brands, agencies and publishers!

#NYCSTARTSUP is accepting startup applications until Friday September 12, 2014!

212 and The New York Times have joined forces to host the second annual startup competition focused on startups born and bred in NYC. The competition will culminate with a live pitch event moderated by Evol8tion at The New York Times Building on September 30th, where the winning startup will be awarded a prize including $10,000. 

Startups who meet the following eligibility requirements can apply:
-Founded and currently active in NYC
-Less than four years old
-Has a minimally viable product (i.e. a working prototype)
-No advertising agencies or networks allowed

To learn more and register by the Friday September 12th deadline, check out 212, and stay up to date with all your startup news with @Evol8tion!