UWS Startup Breakfast: Early Caffeine and Tech Fix

The Evol8tion team headed out this morning to Aroma Espresso Bar on 72nd for a caffeine fix and conversation with some Upper West Side Startups.  It was great to see some familiar faces (we’re looking at you, PhilterIt!) and make some new connections in the tech space.  Below is a quick download of some highlights:

We’re really looking forward to pow wowing with co-founders Justine Potashnik and Jill Andresevc, this dynamic duo recently secured funding to crack the code of Social Commerce.  Their combined diverse backgrounds of former agency life, international fashion designer, and film producer will make their platform an interesting startup to watch - our Evol8tion team is excited to check out their demo next week… stay tuned.

Chatting with Charity Matrix President Yves Salama was a breath of fresh air, isn’t it nice when people just get it?  We had a fantastic rant channeling our inner social media guru, bantering about effective social platforms, approaches to each channel, and the need for brands to customize their social message to provide valuable content to engage with their consumer base.  His company  Charity Matrix is an online platform that helps large nonprofits manage, and streamline their social media across individual chapters- allowing participants to collaborate, manage workout, and have a consistent talk track across the organization.

A last minute intro, we met the CEO of Tactonic - an incredibly impressive technology that enables pressure sensing multi-touch and pressure imaging, customized to any “screen size”.  The possibilities of integrating into retail stores, grocery chains, etc. to capture consumer behavior are endless - and apparently they have established partnerships with several outlets.  Unfortunately, most of our multiple questions were answered with “we’re under strict NDA”, “nope - still under that NDA…” - Regardless, it feel like we were talking to the Mastermind that will make the Glass  house video a reality.

This crowdsourced comic platform enables users to create and vote on original punchlines for cartoons involving political, cultural or social issues. This startup is democratizing the editorial cartoon and a great match for any media brand looking to generate new content through interactive, and participant-drive forums.

The next UWS Startup Breakfast is 9/25, we’ll be there!


For other great food related networking events - check out Amusemi, a curated dining club for designers, entrepreneurs and friends that allows users to meet and greet over a meal. With their database screening process, you are sure to meet other individuals interested in the tech world and can gain valuable contacts that allow you to build relationships in a casual environment.